23 November, 2009


(or for any jewelry for that matter!)

1. CLEAN your jewelry with a soft cloth after each use before returning it to storage to remove any body secretion, sweat & dirt. Occasional buffing will help maintain its original finishing.

2. To keep your jewelry looking its best, occasionally clean it with a SOFT toothbrush in a mild soapy water mixture. Rinse thoroughly with water & dry completely with a soft cloth.

3. STORE your jewelry in a cool, dry place. Sterling silver & gold filled metals can tarnish with age, so a good way of storing would be in air tight boxes/zip lock bags. AVOID direct sunlight which can inflict damage on your jewelry & may cause discoloration & fading in some of the stones. Keep them individually to prevent friction/scratches.

4. REMOVE when cleaning, swimming & taking a shower. The chemicals involved during these activities could cause immediate tarnishing.

5. RESERVE your jewelry as a finishing touch of your outfit, after using perfume or hair spray (Chemicals in beauty products can, over time, cause jewelry to lose its sparkle & shine).

'A Little Extra Care On Your Part, Will Insure Your Jewelry For Years To Come!