31 January, 2010

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom (BM005)

"It's cherry pink & apple blossom white, when your true lover comes your way, It's cherry pink & apple blossom white, when you're in love..."

(Cherry blossom is an omen of good fortune and is also an emblem of love, affection and represents spring)

This cherry blossom themed metal bookmark is made up of pink coral flower beads, pewter leaf charms, Korean donut crystals and Olivine Swarovski crystal bicones.
-Metal bookmark is 12cm in length, its dangles, 6cm-

24 January, 2010

Butterfly Effect

Butterfly Effect (BM004)

They say that the fluttering of a butterfly's wings can cause a tornado on the other side of the planet. One can also assume that giving a symbolic gift like this will cause the recipient to swoon over with adoration; very much like getting caught in the vortex of that same tornado;-)

A flower embossed metal bookmark with butterfly charms and an Aquamarine Swarovski crystal Butterfly.
-Metal bookmark measures approx. 12cm, & its dangles, 6.5cm-

23 January, 2010

Timeless Beauty

Ladies with classic, elegant style and those with edgier personas sport long pearls. They have been seen on Coco Chanel, Sarah Jessica Parker & Ashlee Simpson, to name just a few famous faces with pearls draped around their necks. Regardless of age and style, anyone can wear them and look amazing. It's all a matter of finding out how to wear long pearls to reflect your personal style.

A sautoir (Soh-TWAH), is a long, rope style necklace, popularized in the Edwardian era.
A rope pearl necklace is a must-have basic fashion necessity. There are many ways to wear a pearl necklace, the knot effect is very stylish and will enhance many outfits, whether dressy or casual.
A long strand of pearls can amp up your little black dress, works well with menswear-inspired clothing, a blouse or tee paired with skinny jeans and heels for a night out.

3 ways to wear it!

Buttermilk Set

Comes with a pair of elegant earrings adorned with rhinestone rondelles to add some sparkle to your ears!

Buttermilk Set (NES002)

A set of lustrous shell pearl necklace and earrings in complementing pastel shades of ivory, cream, lemon chiffon, antique brass and copper, linked with japanese seed beads.
Simply classic.
-Length: 120cm-

Eclipse Set

This set comes with matching pearl earrings.

Eclipse Set (NES001)

Retro and so fashionable, these shell pearls sit in a harmony of sautoir of platinum, light grey, bronze and black shades, complemented with matching japanese seed beads.
Perfect to jazz up a LBD or tee.
-Length: 120cm-

22 January, 2010

Facts about Shell Pearls

What is a shell pearl?

The shell pearl is laboratory made from the shell of an oyster. The process of making a shell pearl involves several different stages.

The raw material for the base of the pearl is the sea shell, which is coated and polished to the final shape of the pearl. In order to produce a good quality pearl, a key ingredient is what we call a 'mother of pearl bead'. This element adds weight, value and durability to the pearl.

In fact, the materials used in order to make shell pearls are the same materials from which cultured pearls are made.

Why shell pearls are a better choice?

There are a lot of reasons why many pearls lovers all over the world prefer buying shell pearls. The first one is their price. Wearing pearls is no longer the privilege of those of means, the shell pearl is an affordable product for every pocket. The range of prices varies of course, and some shell pearls are expensive as a result of their excellent quality, but comparatively speaking shell pearls are still much easier and cheaper to buy.

The second reason is the quality of the shell pearl. The rarity of the cultural pearl not only makes it expensive, but also makes it hard to find in perfect shape and size. The manual production of the shell pearl enables the manufacturer to determine the shape, size, and color of the pearl, thus making the final result seem perfect.

The modern technology of pearl production can also assure its durability. The shell pearl will always keep its shine and color, and will not be affected by sweat, perfume or detergents. The pearl in its marketing form is a result of a long process of shaping and coating, and intensive quality control inspection.

Another reason for purchasing this product is the possibility of controlling it's shape and color. This means the client is able to choose between different colors and shapes, and buy the one which suits his/her taste the best. This also means the manufacturer is able to offer a whole new world of colors and shapes, which are not to be found in cultured pearls.

To find out how shell pearls are made, click here.

*Sources from the WWW.

17 January, 2010

For the bookworms...

Reign of Fire

Reign of Fire (BM003)

This bronze dragon bookmark together with Swarovski crystal bicones in Fire Opal & Crystal AB depicts a ‘fire-breathing’ dragon.
‘Hot stuff’ – handle with caution! :-)
-Metal bookmark measures approx. 12cm, its dangles, about 5cm-

-The Little Mermaid-
The Little Mermaid (Den Lille Havfue), is the symbol of Copenhagen, Denmark. The statue has had a tough life: she has been decapitated & covered in paint several times.

The fairy tale of the Little Mermaid was first published by Hans Christian Andersen in 1837. It is the story of the little mermaid who saves the life of a shipwrecked prince and sets off on a perilous quest to win his love. The price she pays is dear: to become human she must give up her lovely voice as well as her mermaid tail, and if the prince should wed another, she will turn into foam on sea and disappear forever...& it's a sad ending...sob! sob! :-(

'This fairytale inspired me to come up with these lovely bookmarks:'

Ariel -fish

Ariel -fish (BM001)

A mermaid metal bookmark with sea-themed charms and fresh water pearls of different hues with its main focal - a Swarovski crystal fish in Aquamarine.
-Metal bookmark measures approx. 12cm, & its dangles, 6cm-

Of course there’s more than one fish in the ocean ;-)
Here’s an assortment of colors to choose from:
Swarovski crystal fish in Aquamarine, Light Rose & Golden Shadow.

Ariel -starfish

Ariel -starfish (BM002)

A metal mermaid bookmark with sea-themed charms and different shades of fresh water pearls with a Golden Shadow Swarovski crystal starfish as its main STAR -pun intended ;-)
-Metal bookmark measures approx. 12cm & its dangles, 6cm-

12 January, 2010


Key to my Heart


Key to my Heart (B005)

This adorable charm bracelet is loaded with symbols and renditions of LOVE. Enameled charms hang from rhodium plated chain finished off with a toggle clasp.
-Measures 18cm in length-

Sealed with a Kiss

Sealed with a Kiss (B004)

This piece utters sweet words from the heart--enameled charms dangled from rhodium plated chain and closed with a toggle clasp. Simple and charming!
-Length approx 18cm-