19 July, 2010

Pretty Earthy

Pretty Earthy (B017)

A customization...this bracelet is similar to that of 'Pretty in Pink', but in a more earthy color.

Made up of faceted glass beads in Topaz, cream Swarovski crystal pearls, freshwater pearls and Korean donut crystals, it closes with a heart-shaped toggle clasp and finished with a silver-plated brass note ~ Je t'aime (French for 'I love you')
-Measures 19cm in length-

15 July, 2010

Puss in Books

These are my latest bookmarks, great as gifts for a cat lover for any special occasion, or even 'just because'...


Mia (BM009)

A bashful little cat dangles with a string of Swarovski crystal bicones.
(Crystal AB, Fire Opal & Lite Siam ~ a stunning combination!)
-Metal bookmark measures 8.5cm, and its dangles, 5cm-


Duchess (BM008)

Inspired by Walt Disney's animation, Aristocat...Duchess is a demure brass filigree cat, which dangles together with some Swarovski crystal bicones and a greenish, square Czech lampwork bead.
-Brass bookmark measures 11cm, its dangles, 7.5cm-
~limited edition~


Felix (BM007)

This modest bookmark features a tubby cat that dangles with a fiery red heart-shaped lampwork glass bead, white cat's eye bead and Swarovski AB crystal bicones.
-Brass bookmark measures 11cm, its dangles, 7.5cm-
~limited edition~

11 July, 2010

Charming & Cheerful Fortune Kitties

The Maneki Neko (招き猫), literally "Beckoning Cat"; also known as Welcoming Cat, Lucky Cat, Money Cat, Fortune Cat... is a common Japanese sculpture, often made of ceramic, which is believed to bring good luck to the owner.

Maneki Neko can be found with either the right or left paw raised (and sometimes both). The significance of the right and left raised paw differs with time and place. The most common belief is that the left paw raised brings in customers, while a right paw brings wealth and good luck.
**It is commonly believed the higher the raised paw, the greater the luck!

One of the most popular legend, explaining the cat's origin:
This story goes that a wealthy feudal lord was taking shelter under a tree near Gotoku-ji temple (in Western Tokyo) during a thunderstorm. The lord saw the temple priest's cat beckoning to him and followed; a moment later the tree was struck by lightning. The wealthy man became friends with the poor priest and the temple became prosperous. When the cat died, supposedly the first Maneki Neko was made in his honor.

***Info from the WWW.


Neko (B016)

A striking color combination, this red porcelain fortune kitty is accompanied with black onyx and red coral beads. The Janus-like (Roman God with two faces) red kitty has chinese characters that beckons for wealth on one side, and prosperity on the other.
-Bracelet measures approx. 19cm in length-

Meow Meow

Meow Meow (B015)

A delightful bracelet featuring a symphony of colorful cat's eye beads and a white porcelain fortune kitten charm hanging from a rhodium plated chain.
-Measures approx. 19.5cm in length-

07 July, 2010


Joel (NES005)

Carefully faceted with radiant angles, Swarovski crystal crosses are a beautiful way to make a faithful statement.

Featuring a gorgeous Swarovski crystal AB cross pendant that possesses a chameleon characteristic due to its AB (Aurora Borealis) coating which reflects infinite variations of light and color depending upon position and light source.

It is surrounded by tiny moonstones and interspaced with Swarovski crystal clear bicones.
An exquisite handcrafted beaded necklace of 30cm, with a 6.5cm extension, set to add sparkle to any outfit.

Made up of little clear Swarovski crystal crosses and bicones, this pair of matching earrings measures 4cm in length.
-Big cross measures 16mm x 20mm-
-Small cross measures 10mm x 12mm-

For those time in life when you need to be graceful and elegant, this necklace and earring set will serve you well.

The moonstone is a gem of lovers and psychics, with its moonlit cast and array of colors. Some legend say it was formed out of the rays of the moon. Others claim you can see the future in a moonstone during a waning moon. Still others say it is a propitious stone for lovers with the power to make the wearer faithful.

Often regarded as a potent emblem of good fortune, it is believed to enhance passion and provides balance in emotions. Moonstone is said to connect the mind and heart, aids communication by promoting clear thinking, inspiration, receptivity, and assist in fulfillment of one's own destiny.

***Info from the www.

04 July, 2010

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink (B014)

Lovingly pieced together, this bracelet is sweet and demure, nothing more than a simple combination of fresh water pearls, pastel pink Czech tear drop glass beads, Swarovski crystal pearls in Rosaline and Korean donut crystals.
It closes with a heart toggle clasp and concluded with a silver plated brass note ~ Je t'aime (French for 'I Love You')
-Measures approx. 19cm in length-