29 June, 2010


Angelus (E045)

Simple and elegant. These earrings are anything but complicated. Perfect to be worn anywhere, they add a subtle addition to your outfit.
Made with cream colored Swarovski pearls, little Swarovski AB crystals and pewter flower charms.
-A 4.5cm drop, including ear hooks-

17 June, 2010


Trinity (BM006)

A graceful little bird connected to a pink heart-shaped lampwork glass bead, adorned with Rose Swarovski crystal bicones & a lovely detailed 'bible' locket dangles beneath it.

This bookmark carries the connotation of love, peace and hope to the recipient.
An ideal gift for loved ones or self.

This slim bookmark works great with paperbacks.
-Metal bookmark measures 11cm, its dangles, approx.7cm-


Becca (B013)

This bracelet delve into a world of glamour.
The chic, simple design makes it the ideal accessory for any affair.
White howlite and onyx gemstones interspersed with Rose Swarovski crystals, & pewter components created a gentle, and elegant bracelet.
Measures approx. 19.5cm in length, it closes with an antique design toggle clasp.

05 June, 2010

The Qubist

Hematite ~ Protecting Us From Ourselves...

These silvery-grey stones can be polished to such a high sheen that long ago they were used as mirrors. Its content is iron oxide, and because iron was traditionally associated with Mars, warriors used to rub their bodies with it in belief that it would protect them.

Hematite is a protective stone, though perhaps not in the way the ancient Romans imagined it to be. It is particularly recommended for people who have difficulty in preventing themselves from absorbing the emotions of others.

When we take on someone else's mood, it's almost as if we've surrendered our will to that of someone else. Hematite as a power stone, whose purpose is to deepen the connection between spirit and body, helps us to keep our sense of self and sense of purpose firm. Its reflective quality symbolizes its ability to help deflect the emotions of others.

*Info fm the www.

The Qubist

The Qubist (BES004)

A fabulous hematite cube bracelet linked with large AB Swarovski crystal bicones and closes with an elementary toggle clasp.
Comes with a cute lil pair of matching earrings.

Simple & contemporary, with some glitters.
-Bracelet measures approx 18.5cm in length-
-Earrings, a drop of 3cm from ear hook-



Mulan (B012)

This striking handcrafted bracelet is just a wonderful combination of strong contrasting colors and shapes.
Woven together with red cinnabar beads, black faceted glass beads, rhinestone rondelles and closes with a pretty lily flower toggle clasp.

Bold and beautiful, as its name suggests.
-Measures approx. 19cm in length-
*Cinnabar beads are hand carved lacquer wood beads with amazing, intricate details.