26 December, 2009

Silver Foxie

Silver Foxie (B003)

This bracelet is sooo elegant.
It will look wonderful with anything you happen to be wearing. Dress up a pair of jeans or set off a cocktail dress, or anything in between.
Made up of Swarovski crystal pearls in Light Grey, and closes with a pretty leaf toggle.
-Bracelet measures approximately 18cm in length-

25 December, 2009

Blue Tranquillity

Blue Tranquillity (E018)

Square flower lampwork beads in light blue, flanked with seed beads, pewter spacers and Swarovski crystal bicones in Aquamarine.
-Measures approximately 2.5cm, including ear hooks-

24 December, 2009

Rose Garden

Rose Garden (B002)

Adorn your wrist with this sweet & simple, rose-themed bracelet.
Made with squarish floral glass beads, rose quartz beads, Swarovski crystal bicones & closes with a small leaf toggle clasp.
-Approximately 19cm in length-

Ice Cubes

Ice Cubes (B001)

As cool as its name, square silver/greyish glass beads form this stylish & trendy piece. Approximately 19cm in length, it is paired with white fresh water pearls, pewter spacers & leaf charm & finished off with a simple toggle clasp.


Tweeties (E017)

A pair of cute lil birds-simply cheerful! Swarovski crystal flowers in Copper AB dangle beneath the antique brass charms (nickel free)
-Measures an approximate drop of 7cm, including ear hooks-

What is Cloisonne?

Cloisonne is enameled metal, colored with metallic oxide and painted into the contained areas of the design, thus producing a picture or mosaic similar to a stained glass window. These beads come in many colors and shapes. Special "gold", "silver" and "imperial" beads are a little more intricately made.

Cloisonne-making is an ancient craft that evolved in the Middle East, then spread throughout the Byzantine Empire and was introduced to China through trade routes in the 14th century, with widespread use on decorative items such as vases, tableware, statuettes and, of course, beads. The art of cloisonne-making has not changed very much in the last 500 years, and it remains a craft that requires patience and some artistic flair.

Cloisonne is an enameling technique in which thin wire partitions (called, cloisons) are filled with enamel (glass paste). The technique involved delicate strips of copper wire bent to create a design, then placed and soldered onto the bead's surface. Next, the spaces are filled with different colored enamels. Finally, the bead is fired and polished several times to produce the desired effect.

*Sources from the WWW.

Orange Julius

Orange Julius (E016)

The color suggests vitality, stimulates enthusiasm and creativity.
This unique pair of orange cloisonne beads is audacious enough to stand alone with no adornment. If you want to get noticed without screaming, consider this piece.
One of a kind.
-Measures approximately 5cm, including ear hooks-

Autumn's Delight

Autumn's Delight (E015)

'Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower'-Albert Camus

This lovely pair of earrings is made of white large flower glass beads, matched with orange seed beads, complemented with bead caps, connectors & ear hooks. Findings are in brass.
-Measures approximately 4cm, including ear hooks-

Droplets of Love

Droplets of Love (E014)

Pink clay flower beads swing freely from rhodium-plated ear hooks, whilst dangling beneath them are Swarovski crystal briolettes in clear crystal.
-Measures an approximate drop of 5cm, including ear hooks-

Paint My Love

Paint My Love (E013)

A pair of Swarovski crystal hearts in Siam, dangles serenely from platina-tone frame links.
An absolute masterpiece.
-Measures approximately 4cm, including ear hooks-

Eye Candy

Eye Candy (E012)

Absolutely sweet & adorably cute!
This pair of barrel-shaped purple lampwork beads is fused with multitude of hues, conjuring up the image of a fun-filled carnival. It is adorned with Swarovski crystal bicones in Amethyst & finished off with rhodium-plated ear hooks.
-Earrings measures approximately 4.5cm, including ear hooks-


Moonstruck (E011)

From pewter vines, hang faceted moonstones, to dangle freely from silver-plated ear hooks.
The moonstone is characterised by an enchanting play of light.
Its mysterious shimmer always looks different when the stone is moved about.
It is believed that wearing a moonstone strengthens one's intuition & capacity to understand.
-Measures approximately 5cm, including ear hooks-

Bronze Age Romance

Bronze Age Romance (E010)

One of my favourites...sometimes, less is more.
This brass net ball earrings is paired with Swarovski crystal bicones in Smoked Topaz & Topaz. A very versatile piece, perfect to carry you from day to nite!
-Measures approximately 5cm, including ear hooks-

Baby Blu

Baby Blu (E009)

First look at this pair, it reminds me of Oprah Winfrey-chubby but elegant ;-)
Flower lampwork beads in blue, paired with pewter spacers, crystal rondells & topped up with Swarovski crytal helix in clear crystal, to swing freely from rhodium-plated ear hooks.
-Measures an approximate drop of 4cm, including ear hooks-

Black Pearl

Black Pearl (E008)

Elegant & demure, these earrings are handmade with a pair of lovely Swarovski crystal pearls in Mystic Black, delicately matched with Swarovski crystal helix in Black Diamond, pewter bead caps & spacers, and completed with rhodium-plated ear hooks.
Perfect for all occassions.
-Measure approximately 5cm, including ear hooks-

Sight of Spring

Sight of Spring (E007)

Spring is when the earth comes back to life after a long cold winter, and it is in the spring when the first flowers begin to bloom and the green world begins to return after its winter slumber.

Green acrylic leaves are adorned with Swarovski crystal pearls & bicones in colours that are cheerful, bright & happy.
-Measures an approximate drop of 5cm, including ear hooks-

Oriental Mystique

Oriental Mystique (E006)

This is a pair of gorgeous earrings, it exudes panache.
Beautiful, intricate white glass beads with chinese bamboo motifs (& red seal), the chinese knot link adds a distinctive oriental feel to these lovely earrings, and beneath it, hangs 3 Swarovski crystal bicones in Siam, Jet & Clear crystal.
Striking, a head-turner, this one.
-Measures approximately 6.5cm, including ear hooks-

23 December, 2009

Gullible Bud

Gullible Bud (E005)

Large flower-shaped glass beads in apple green, paired with Swarovski crystal bicones, linked with pewter flower connectors, to dangle freely from rhodium-plated ear hooks.
-Measures slightly less than 5cm, including ear hooks-

England Rose

England Rose (E004)

A vintage, Victorian-styled number.
Dark burgundy, wine-coloured roses, with very intricate details, set on bronze filigree and completed with matching ear hooks.
-Measures an approximate drop of 4.5cm, including ear hooks-

Chic Prelude

Chic Prelude (E003)

Sweet and so very demure, these lovelies are perfect for all occasions.
Made with Swarovski crystal pearls, bead caps & crystal AB Swarovski bicones on rhodium-plated ear hooks.
-Measures an approximate drop of 4cm, including ear hooks-

Feisty Block

A pair of chic, 'perk me up' earrings.

Feisty Block (E002)

Square Czech lampwork beads, with a hint of bright vermillion, finished with gold & silver foil, accented with Swarovski crystals in Fire Opal, & dangled on rhodium-plated ear hooks.
-Measures approximately 4.5cm, including ear hooks-


Chickadee (E001)

Cute birdies in antique brass, & peach fresh water pearls make this an adorable, yet simple piece.
-Measures an approximate drop of 4cm, including ear hooks-