09 January, 2010

Orient Charms

Madame Butterfly

Madame Butterfly (E023)

Charming earrings crafted from blue, round cloisonne beads, with intricate detail of butterflies & peonies, complemented with Swarovski crystal bicones and pewter butterflies.
-Measures 6.5cm in length, including ear hooks-
-Diameter of cloisonne bead approx. 2cm-


Firecracker (E022)

The name says it all, ensembled to look like a pair of firecracker, it augurs an exciting & cracking new year ahead.
White, flat cloisonne disc with intricate flower designs, enhanced with Swarovski crystal bicones. Those red coral chips below, breathes life into this pair.
-Measures 6.5cm in length, including ear hook-
-Diameter of cloisonne disc, approx. 2cm-

Shanghai Blues

Shanghai Blues (E021)

Azure diamond-shaped cloisonne beads elegantly paired with Swarovski crystal bicones & flower charm. All finishing in brass.
Simple & sweet with an Oriental feel.
-Measures approximately 7cm in length, including ear hook-

Green Tea

Green Tea (E020)

Chic & dainty earrings in emerald diamond-shaped cloisonne beads, assembled together with copper findings & Swarovski crystal bicones, add a splash of colour and cheer to your persona.
-Measures an approximate drop of 8cm, including ear hook-